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Underwood Takes First Place at National Championships in Denver, Colorado

14484763_10154096257676225_5753853159187775113_nAl Underwood continues his reign as ‘America’s Musketeer’ winning top honors at the Remington Beard Boss – 2016 Great American Beard & Mustache Championship in Denver, Colorado September 24th in the Triple Point – Musketeer catagory.








I’ve been encouraged by many of my friends to start this campaign to sponsor me to attend the 2015 National Beard and Mustache Championship held in Brooklyn, New York in a few weeks (Saturday November 7th, 2015)

Regretfully, I cannot fund my own airfare/hotel and transportation to compete this year and am asking for your sponsorship assistance.

I’m trying to can get at least 150 friends and fans to donate at least $20 each so I can represent YOU and at the National Championships.



I have been professionally bearding for three and a half years and have won two U.S. Gold medals (back to back) and one Bronze medal. Additionally I’ve held a Second Place world title for my Musketeer Style Mustache.

Bearding has become an unexpected hobby and I do enjoy it so.

I have made a world full of new friends,  relations and experiences and I’m asking for at least $20 to help send me to the National Championships.

This year I will live-stream my experiences via Periscope (get the app from the app store) so you can tune in through out the weekend of events and experince the championships with me live.


In 2012 when I won my first National title the Musketeer catagory was a rather forgotton and less than competitive category. Since then the competition has gotten tougher and tougher as some of the best beards and mustaches in the world now want to compete in my catagory and take a title.

I take claim for injecting the category with new blood and excitement because, as a result of my continued success, many other beadsmen have been inspired as I was and must have thought, “I can beat THAT guy” or “I want HIS title” and have entered and expanded the competitive base in the Musketeer catagory.

I’ve assumed the role of “America’s Musketeer” and I welcome all competitors to the catagory and happily applaud their achievements and wins.

Finally the Musketeer is being admired for the attitude and rakish, debonair style the look represents!

Join me in the quest for the gold and become of America’s Musketeer’s.

Just $20 is all I ask, but donate now because time is short and we have to secure my entry/flight and hotel right away.


I’m shooting for $3,000 because between the GoFundMe site and the banking company that handles the transactions 9.5% of the total donations go to them as service fees.

The bonus is, any funds received above and beyond the goal will be used soley for my attendance to the Austin Beard & Mustache Competitoin in February 2016.


I’m asking for your gift of at least $20 for me to attend the 2015 National Beard and Mustache Competition in Brooklyn, New York.

All funds received will be strictly accounted for and any of you may view the accounting expenditures at any time.

Download the Periscope App form the App Store and sign up for a free account. You will receive a text message to notify you at the start of each live-stream. I’ll attempt to post a broadcast schedule in advance.

Go to:


Catch updates and images of my Adventures in Bearding at my





Long Beach Folk Revival Festival September 19, 2015

The 3rd annual Long Beach Folk Revival Festival set for September 19, 2015 from 11am to 11pm returning to Rainbow Lagoon Park. Just across from Shoreline Village and the Marina in Downtown Long Beach, CA.
This beautiful ocean front location sets the perfect stage for showcasing the best in Folk, Roots, Americana, & Bluegrass music acts.

The day includes a FREE to enter Beard & Mustache Competition presented by the Long Beach Beard Advocates and they were kind enough to include my image in their advertising.
Get information on the festival and the competition here.
It’s a fun and relaxing day filled with great music and a variety of food from a caravan of food trucks.
Folk Fest Beard Competition

Underwood takes 2nd Place in Los Angeles


This year’s facial-hair face-off drew 140 competitors in 13 categories (including two inclusive faux-follicular categories  — one for  kids and a “whiskerinas” category for women) in pursuit of hirsute glory, with one competitor taking home the additional title of best in show.

Toluca Lake resident Al Underwood took the second place trophy in the Partial Mustache category, a step up from the previous two years losing out to good friend Sean Reiger or Sacramento, California. This win solidifies Underwood’s place as second in the west for his partial beard, more specifically known as a musketeer styled mustache.

Next for Al will be the National Beard & Mustache competition in Brooklyn, New York in November 2015.
Though Al is currently ranked number two in the world for his musketeer style, due to lack of sponsorship this year he may not be attending the World Beard & Mustache Competition in Austria this October.

Follow this blog and keep up with Al’s competitions and appearances through out the year.

America's Musketeer inspired by Mad Max - Fury Road
America’s Musketeer inspired by Mad Max – Fury Road

Join Me! The Annual Los Angeles Facial Hair Society Beard and Mustache Competition – Saturday, August 15th 2015

Join me Saturday August 15th, 2015 for the Los Angeles Facial Hair Society’s Annual Beard & Mustache Competition.

Only $15 to spectate!

It’s a fun, fast and memorable event only lasting from 3pm to 8pm but will give a lifetime of memories and some of the most unique photo ops in the world.

This years excitement will take place at the world famous Avalon Theater just a few feet north of iconic Hollywood Boulevard & Vine Streets right in the heart of historic “Tinseltown”, Hollywood California USA.

The competition will feature some of the best beards and mustaches visiting from all over the country and “duking it out” for a years worth of bragging rights and one of the most uniquely designed trophies in competitive bearding!

This is an all ages event and is kid friendly so bring the whole family.

There is even a women’s competitive category!
No it’s not a hormone thing, it’s an arts & crafts thing.

One of the most charming and delightful events in all of competitive bearding, women have a chance to compete by showing off their most creative ideas and crafting beards and mustaches out of some of the most unique and unusual materials imaginable.
I’ve even seen a beard MADE OUT OF BACON!!
What will appear this year?
Join me and lets find out together.

You can get details and tickets at:


Friday evening Cocktail Meet & Greet Party
Sunday Bearded Brunch

Friday evening August 14th will feature a party ‘meet & greet’ cocktail party in the early evening around 7pm and surely end with walking tours of some of Hollywood’s hotspots up and down the boulevard.

If you can’t make the competition or want to meet the competitors in a more casual setting make plans to attend this cocktail event.

This year will begin at Good Times At Davey Wayne’s.

Davy Wayne’s lounge just south of Hollywood Boulevard on El Centro Ave. Just over one short block from Hollywood & Vine and the evening ALWAYS is a great source of amazing photo opportunities.

The lounge is themes on mid 1970’s vibe and decor and features wonderfully hand crafted cocktails and a variety of craft beers and the good ‘ol PBR’s too.

Sunday, late morning, will feature a brunch at LOADED BAR on Hollywood Boulevard at Cahuenga Boulevard.

There will be a breakfast menu and plenty of beer and cocktails to nurse your hangover. If memory serves, they even have a “Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar.”

I do hope you’ll join me for one or all of these fun events.

Hello! Welcome to the world of the American Musketeer!

AL UNDERWOOD is a Second Place World Mustache Champion in the Musketeer Mustache category, winning at the 2013 World Beard & Mustache Championships held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Al also won two consecutive First Place titles in the Musketeer Mustache category at the U.S. National Beard & Mustache Competitions (2012, 2013) and currently holds the Third Place title losing to his Beard Team USA teammates, Jeffrey Moustache and Dennis Dickerson respectively.

Al has also taken awards in 9 regional competitions including three Second Place Uber-stache categories in Northern California at the , Northern California Beard & Mustache Competition (2012, 2014, 2015).

three consecutive Third Place trophies have been won at the Los Angeles Facial Hair Society’s annual Beard & Mustache Competition in the Partial Beard category.

Bumped into this @supersnappy on the way last night. Looks like another Musketeer is brewing.

Nope. Don’t see the resemblance. Not a bit. ;P #monopoly #monopolyman #THISguy #TheAlUnderwood #mustache #musketeer #musketeers #ronswansonapproved #ronswanson #beardingainteasy #bearding #DoYoThang #BoldWhiskers

Glamour shots on a slow work day. I work with with a wonderful person who’s as goofy/funny/fun as she is beautiful. She’s the cutest boy I know. @yessie_86 #whatdapoopdodoe

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